Dancers of the Three Fires - Various Dance Styles

Various Dance Styles

There are three primary styles of dance for the Men and three for the women. Each different style has been developed and is incorporated to include different aspects and teachings of the tribe. A particular style can and does tell a story/tale/legend associated with the dance style, regalia design and songs attributed to the person who is performing their preferred style.

Mens Division

Traditional - this style is directly associated with the warriors and leaders of the tribe.

Fancy - the Fancy Dancer is the victor in war and is responsible for the tribe.

Grass - these dancers would dance first, "stomping" and "flattening" the grass to prepare the particular site for use for the tribe.

Womens Division

Traditional - these persons traditionally kept the tribe and members in order. Things were run on a daily basis through these women who were in no particular age bracket however have leadership qualities.

Fancy Shawl - the celebrators alongside the victors of war, a successful hunt etc. Presentations with their shawl represent an Eagle's wings and honor songs are always saluted with the opening of a shawl.

Jingle - this is a healing dress. Traditionally, a dress would be created for a female member of the tribe who would perform a healing dance for a person in need of prayer for illness and for a connection with the Creator. After the ceremony, the dress would be buried.

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