Dancers of the Three Fires - Goal & Objective

Goal and Objective

The primary goal of this group is to promote, maintain and enhance our culture and heritage, with the Youth and in our own community. Through various mini-workshops, traditional teachings and skill enhancement, the students will learn different aspects of our culture through dance style, design and creation of regalia, oral history, legends and stories.

The primary objective is to enable the students to rediscover their culture and heritage through dance styles and the different aspects of dance and the correlation between the cultural aspects and expression through dance.

The aim of various supporters and volunteers is to revitalize the traditional language, culture and heritage for the Youth. This to be initiated through a dance club format based at the school with the assistance of different volunteers from our community.

The base for participation, learning and membership is to adhere to the teachings of the Seven Grandfathers of Love, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Bravery, Wisdom and Honor. It is also stressed that commitment, understanding, responsibility and adherence to procedures and protocols of the Anishnaabek is vital to adopting the person’s own preferred form of dance.

A presentation consists of different aspects of a gathering such as staging a “dance show” of sorts. The group is introduced and the different dancers present themselves in regalia and showcase their individual talents through Teachings, storytelling and an example of their chosen style. Each is presented with various styles such as traditional, fancy, jingle, fancy shawl etc. and the dancer will host a dance to represent their preferred style of dance. Audience participation such as an Inter-tribal, the “wanna-be” and the “two-step”, including a question and answer period follows each presentation.

The Dancers of the Three Fires are also planning a student exchange trip with the state of Hawaii for the 2004-2005 school year. Talks are underway with the school principal in Hawaii and assistance here in our community with Kina G’bezhgomi Child & Family Services and Rainbow Lodge. Fundraising activities to be discussed and implementation to be in place after the New Year.

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